Cheryl T. Hansen
Cheryl T. Hansen CEO/Founder

A highly regarded entrepreneur having established businesses in Asia, Europe and Australia for the past 20 years, Cheryl is the founder and owner of C. T. Hansen International Pte. Ltd. (CTHI) since 1997. She is also a co-founder/owner and CEO of the prestigious international brand since 1923 – John Robert Powers in Singapore as well as publisher and Editor-in-Chief for ecoMode magazine, an eco-lifestyle magazine for green modern living.

Due to her excellent entrepreneur skills, Cheryl is also highly recognised for her achievements in other fields of businesses ranging from Asia, Europe and Australia. She has been awarded for the Entrepreneurship Award in 2009 by The Spirit of Enterprise in Singapore and currently seated as a Board Member for the Spirit of Enterprise and Chairman of SOE book. Awarded as “Fashionable Lot’ by “Cozy Cot” and has also been selected for The Professional Enterprise Certification and the PE Award 2009 by the Asian Management Association.

Prior to moving to Singapore in 2005, Cheryl has lived and worked in Sydney, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Manila in a corporate environment where she acquired her trans-nationalism and multi-cultural skills, knowledge and experience to emerge as a recognised entrepreneur as well as international marketer and branding expertise in service, fashion and entertainment industries as well as business development consultant to multi-national companies across European and Asian region.